Meet a great friend and supporter of ours, Aisha, founder of Hills & West who specialises in quality, unique, and handmade leather work companions.

We always knew we wanted to work with Aisha. She never ceases to amaze us whether she is learning to DJ, taking herself off to a silent retreat or in Florence mastering the process of making handmade bags.

There is no end to this womans talents and if you ever find yourself in a conversation with her you will undoubtedly walk away feeling a bit fuzzy inside; you might even feel you just have to embark on that dream you have been sitting on for decades.

H&W seemed like a match made in heaven for LORDIS, combining values of quality and luxury but throwing in heaps of “over the top” colour and textures. We are excited to bring you our first collaboration.

J & G x

Now this is a brand that deserves a big hand clap. We were instantly drawn to the lovely founder, Renee and her mission to improve & empower the lives of hundreds of survivors & victims of the Haiyan Typhoon by supporting the cottage industry in the Philippines, the end product is the BANAGO bag.

Hand weaved in these womens homes, these striking bags ooze love, passion and colour.

Banago, rightly so, has made its mark and has quickly become a favorite amongst the globe trotting fashion industry. It is our pleasure to bring them here to you in Australia, a place we know will appreciate the love and quality in every element of these delights. Enjoy.

J & G x



Back in 2013, Jenn & Gems decided they wanted to combine their loves of clashing colours, vibrant fabrics, story-telling and pushing boundaries with a vision of designing the bold & the beautiful for Australian women; so began the story of LORDIS.

Fast forward to the present (with a little detour en route – see blog post) and here you have its launch – with a collection of striking products that live up to that vision from 2013!

Each product in the LORDIS collection has its own story, and is at the heart of Jenn and Gems vision.

Here you will find a mixture of exclusive collaborations alongside LORDIS featuring their very own brand & designs.

Take a journey with us through the LORDIS website and discover the charm of these products along with the stories of our carefully selected collaborators where boundaries are stretched for the brave.

Bree Taaffe is the founder of Outcrop Australia, which is a melding of her love of tinkering in her studio making candles, and a desire to create accessible fashion and homewares with a cool rural edge.

Bree (a Palmaira Girl) has been a customer of Palmaira for some years which is how we first met. We loved her cuffs and have used them personally so when we were thinking about products for LORDIS we approached her to do a collaboration.

Outcrop Australia, like LORDIS believes in high quality, ethically sourced products, priced at a level accessible to everyone in Australia.

Think BOLD, BRAVE & COLOUR. J & G xx


A collection of Palmaira’s designed with ~LORDIS in mind. COMING SOON. J&G x


We are delighted & incredibly proud to work alongside both Kelly (a close school friend of ours) and Phillipa, the creative directors and co-founders of PAPER LONDON.

We have watched in awe as Paper London, a cool, contemporary luxe label won the British Fashion Council Contemporary Award, featured in Vogue for two seasons in a row and has garnered a rapidly growing celebrity following; Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Solange Knowles, Margot Robbie and Kate Hudson to name a few.

Knocked over by the exquisite attention to fabric, colours, sillouettes & high quality craftsmanship we want every garment to feature in our wardrobe.

Australia, Paper London has arrived. J & G x



Meet Sam & Ed, creators and founders of PARED EYEWEAR. We were introduced at Australian Fashion Week 2017; their energy, love of fashion and originality, meant we knew we wanted to work with them from the onset.

Sam’s design skills, coupled with Ed’s strong background in both fashion and retail industries meant we had the perfect partnership for LORDIS.

Sam’s creative philosophy focuses on wearability while pushing the boundaries of conventional design and still staying true to eyewear fundamentals of high quality materials, smooth shapes and lasting comfort.

It is not a wonder they have a strong following across the globe. Pared EYEWEAR looks like a match made in heaven for LORDIS, combining values of quality and luxury but throwing in heaps of unique colour combinations and distinctive cutaway detailing, to ensure a point of difference among other eyewear brands.

We are eagerly anticipating our first collaboration.

J & G x