As you know, we had envisioned to launch our brand LORDIS back in 2013. However, plans were postponed when marriage, children and the launch of Palmaria took over.
It came about whilst Jenn was tying the knot back in the UK, when a pair of Palmaira’s caught her eye and after falling in love with a pair which she subsequently wore to her wedding, she approached the recent founders of the brand in the UK. Quickly ordering our first 30 pairs early 2014 we knew that there was a niche  in the Australia market which then led to the launch of Palmaira Sandals Australia.
Between us both, we began designing our own Palmaira’s to suit the Australian market which meant LORDIS had to be put on the back burner as the demand for Palmaira grew more rapidly then we could ever have dreamed of.
Not only did Palmaira take over, motherhood did too and we now have 4 beautiful children between us.
After much anticipation, we now feel the time is right to introduce LORDIS to our loyal and loved customers. Take a journey with us to push boundaries & explore!
Much Love,
Jenn & Gems x